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 About Crossfire!

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PostSubject: About Crossfire!   Tue May 05, 2009 5:48 pm

A number of soldiers who once belonged to the world-leading Special Forces joined 'Global Risk', the international mercenary forces corporation.

The mercenaries carried out difficult missions for the organization, but they have distinctive differences from 'Black List' who commit terror only for profit. Despite an appreciable sum of money, the mercenaries have never participated in any battle without justifiable reasons and they live up to their conviction to fight against terrorists. Based on their practical battle experiences and skills, Global Risk seeks to expand its power.

Main clients of Global Risk are third world countries without their own national militaries, countries on the black list of terrorists, and the UN X-File Bureau implementing secret missions.

Game Modes-

Search & Destroy
Win by eliminating all members of the opposing team or by completing a specific objective (such as detonating C4, defusing C4, etc).

From 3 to 13 rounds, the first team to win the set number of rounds wins the match.

This mode has an emphasis on team strategy and tactics.

Team Death Match
The first team to reach the kill limit wins. The team with the most kills when the time limit expires wins.

You can continuously participate in the match after re-spawning at your team base.

Ghost Mode
An entirely new and unique game mode.

The Black List team is cloaked and can only use knives. They must blow up the target using C4, and attack the other team using stealth.

Global Risk is not cloaked and can use any available weapons to prevent the target from being destroyed. Global Risk team members can track Black List operatives based on the sound of their footsteps.

Similar to Team Match, each team must try to eliminate all members of the opposing team.

From 5 to 13 rounds, the first team to win the set number of rounds wins the match.

Ranking System-


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About Crossfire!
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