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 AIO - Ernesto Cortazar ... A Tribute

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PostSubject: AIO - Ernesto Cortazar ... A Tribute   Thu May 07, 2009 11:55 pm

AIO - Ernesto Cortazar ... A Tribute

The Top Class Pianist & Film Composer

Incredible Treasure of Romantic & Dreamy Melodies

Includes: (5 Full CDs & More)

01- Timeless Classics
02- Moments Of Solitude
03- Legend of the Sea
04- Leaves In The Wind
05- Just for you
06- & More Selected Sound Tracks

The beautifully romantic compositions of Ernesto Cortazar are redolent with the poignant agonies, joys and yearnings of love. Brilliantly woven magic, hauntingly lilting truth and memories of that long glance when eye meets eye touch the soul, spear the heart and embrace one in exquisite soundscapes of bittersweet dreams.

Ernesto Cortazar, gracefully touches the piano with magic so delicate one can feel the artist and the instrument become one.

01- Timeless Classics

01 My Heart Will Go On
02 The Sound Of Music
03 Over The Rainbow
04 Misty
05 Moon River
06 The Way We Were
07 Love Story - Godfather
08 Chariots Of Fire
09 Emmanuelle's Theme
10 Lara`s Theme From Dr. Zhivago
11 Time To Say Goodbye
12 Concerto De Aranjuez
13 Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini
14 La Vie En Rose
15 Andrew Lolyd Weber`s Medley

02- Moments Of Solitude

01 Solitude
02 Our Love Never Dies
03 Angelica
04 Maridome
05 Fantino
06 Gondola
07 My Piano Cries For You
08 The Pianist Is Playing Our Song
09 At The End Of The Horizon
10 Solitude (Concerto)
11 Our Love Never Dies (Concerto)

03- Legend of the Sea

01 Message in a Bottle
02 As the Sun Rises
03 Legend of the Sea
04 Dancing Waves
05 Waiting for You
06 Free as a Seagull
07 Secrets of My Heart
08 Horizon of Hope
09 Morelia's Waltz
10 Together Again

04- Leaves In The Wind

01 Leaves In The Wind
02 Magic
03 Child Wings
04 When The Soul Cries
05 In My Heart
06 With You
07 Yesterday Loves
08 Tears
09 Somewhere In My Soul
10 Piano Drops
11 Leaves In The Wind (Concerto)

05- Just for you

01 Just For You
02 Let Me Kiss You
03 Beethovens Silence
04 Lets Take A Walk
05 Judith
06 Love Hurts
07 L Adieu
08 The Moon Is Watching Us
09 River Of Dreams
10 What Happened Between Us
11 Beethovens Silence (Concerto)
12 River Of Dreams (Concerto)

06- & More Selected Sound Tracks

01- 60 Years
02- Corazon Solitario (Lonesome Heart)
03- My First Love
04- A Kiss in the Dark
05- Dancing on the Clouds
06- Endlessly
07- Missing You
08- Fire and Ice
09- Foolish Heart
10- Forever You and I
11- Just the two of us
12- On the top of the World
13- Secrets of my Heart
14- Table for Two
15- You are my Destiny
16- Our Wedding Day

He was born in 1940. He started his music career in Mexico at the age of 18 composing the background music for the motion picture "La Risa de la Ciudad". Since then, he has created the background music for more than 500 motion pictures. He has traveled to more than 25 countries to perform as he only knows. He gave concerts at very important places as The Kremlin (USSR), The Mexican Presidential House and others. He also has performed for very important people as Charlton Heston, Danny de Vito, Michael Bolton, Octavio Paz, The Rolling Stones, President Menem (Argentina), Nikita Krushev (USSR) and many more.

Ernesto's elegant sense of composition combined with the light touch of the virtuoso is apparent in all of his music, and when asked why he played this particular venue of Easy Listening Ernesto replied, "I feel totally connected to this genre because it reflects passion, tranquility and total relaxation to whomever listens to it." Ernesto also feels that, "The piano is a magical instrument and deserves to be featured in this genre."


- This work is dedicated to great pianist & composer Mr. Ernesto Cortazar....
- The animation on home page was created with the inspiration from the sound track
"Emmanuelle's Theme"...
- The package consists of 9 pages, each page has it's own theme sound track.
- Clicking On "Start" button on the last page "Play all sound tracks" will start playing all the 70 sound tracks in the following order: track one from each CD followed by track 2 from each CD & so on... then comes the miscellaneous sound tracks.
- All the listening processes are fully automated ... & all what you have to do is clicking on the sound track you wanna listen to.

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AIO - Ernesto Cortazar ... A Tribute
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