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 Spelling + Grammar Aides -5in1

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PostSubject: Spelling + Grammar Aides -5in1   Thu May 07, 2009 11:52 pm

Spelling + Grammar Aides -5in1

Spell Check Anywhere 6.0
Spell Magic v5.3.2
Word Spring v5.3.2
Write Source v5.3.2
White Smoke 2008
Spell Check Anywhere Adds Spell Check And
Thesaurus To All Windows Programs:
Outlook Express
Instant Messengers
Your Custom Applications
And All Other Windows Programs

Adds Spell Checking To:
Outlook Express
MS Works
MS Access
Yahoo! Mail
Yahoo! Messenger
MSN Messenger
MSN Hotmail
Netscape Browser
Mozilla Firefox Browser
Internet Explorer Browser
Skype Chat
In 100's Other Applications
Your Custom Applications

Use Spell Check Anywhere:
For programs that lack spell check, or programs that have
English spell check, but lack Medical, Legal or foreign
language spell check.
On the Internet when composing any web email, typing text in
search engines, filling out forms, Internet data entry, posting
forum messages, discussion groups or writing blogs.
When chatting using Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ or
another Instant Massager.
Using Notepad, WordPad or Outlook Express.
For programs that have spell check for their main document, but
leave out spell check capabilities in other text-spots.For
example, Spell Check Anywhere adds spell check to the subject
line of email and spell check to the page title and page
description in FrontPage.
Distribute with your own custom applications.No royalties.
For individual use, or for your entire company with unlimited
number of users for a small onetime unlimited site license fee.
-Professional Spell Check Medical, Legal and Foreign Language Are
Included For Free:
American: English, Medical, Legal.
British: English, Law & Legal, Medical.
Canadian English, French, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Portuguese
Iberian, Portuguese Brazilian, Danish, Finnish, Italian,
Spanish, Swedish
-Additional Spell Check Anywhere Features:
Shorthand Speed Typing Software:
The Shorthand Speed Typing lets you define shorthand for often
repeated text.When you type these shorthand, in any
application in Windows, it expands to the full text on the fly
as you type.Saves a lot of typing, and copy-and-pasting.
The HyperNotepad feature lets you take notes on-the-fly,
without interrupting your work, no matter what program you are
in the middle of using.
-Misspelled Words History Report:
Spell Check Anywhere creates, automatically, a report of the
words misspelled.Including the number of times each word was
misspelled.Helps learning to spell correctly.
-Spell Checked Document History:
Spell Check Anywhere keeps a copy of spell checked documents
for your reference, backup and recovery.This option can be
turned off.
-Manage Custom Words:
Spell Check Anywhere allows you to easily add and delete custom
-Export/Import To PDF, DOC, RTF, HTML, TXT:
Notes you create in HyperNotepad, or Shorthand Speed Typing,
can be exported and imported to/from PDF, Word Doc, RTF, HTML
and TXT file formats.
Installation Notes:
Install SpellCheckAnywhereV6_0Setup.exe.Copy precracked exe
from the Crack folder to the installed folder of Spell Check
Anywhere, making sure to overwrite existing file.Launch Spell
Check Anywhere and right click on tray icon then select Buy Spell
Check Anywhere/Enter Unlock Code..., then on Enter The Pruchased
Unlock Code.Now use any numerical digit code you'd like and
click OK (using alphanumeric WILL result in program crashes).
You now have a fully registered version of Spell Check Anywhere!
Thats it!
Spell Magic:
Spell checks any work, paragraph or document from any application, e-mail program, text/HTML editor or database on your computer.
Spell Magic resides in the Windows System Tray providing a system-wide on-the-fly spell check. Includes over 20 languages plus medical and legal terminology and Instant Spell.
Installation Notes:
1. Unpack and install the software
2. Unpack crack.rar and generate a hard key to reg
Word Spring
Write and modify your text with the maximum tools available within a Windows environment.
This suite contains EditExt (syntax highlighting for 9 languages ...and more.) ExactWord
(word processor with rich text formatting) and Word Spring (on-the-fly spell checking,
Roget's Thesaurus and the Definitions Dictionary with 185,000 lookup words).
Installation Notes:
1. Unpack and install the software
2. Unpack crack.rar and generate a hard key to reg
Write Source:
Modify your text within any Windows application on your computer.
Word Spring includes the functionality of Spell Magic, Thesaurus Magic and Definitions Dictionary which has over 185,000 words for meaning and context checks;
synonyms and antonyms for each word.
Also included is Instant Spell, a mini text editor that provides a quick spelling reference.
White Smoke 2008:
English Grammar and Spelling Software - Advanced Solutions for Your Writing
WhiteSmoke can improve your whole experience of written communication at home, at the workplace and on the Internet. Based on patented Natural Language Processing technology, WhiteSmoke performs advanced and context-based English grammar, spelling and punctuation checking, as well as text enrichment with synonyms, adverbs and adjectives. Enhance your English writing in just one click with WhiteSmoke, and communicate more effectively.

A Complete Suite of English Writing Tools:
Grammar Check
Spell Check
Text Enrichment
Punctuation Check
Proofreading & Editing
Writing Templates
English Dictionary
Thesaurus for Synonyms
Letter Writing
Business Writing
Essay Writing
Legal Writing
Creative Writing
Writing Emails
Instant Messaging

*More Info in Text Doc*

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Spelling + Grammar Aides -5in1
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