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 Likwidz Music Production AIO

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PostSubject: Likwidz Music Production AIO   Thu May 07, 2009 11:51 pm

Likwidz Music Production AIO


B.BoX - An authentic groove sampler in software form, which lets you build up your own groove patterns using the simple step-by-step input technique featured in classic drum machines.
Bassment 1.5 - Bassment 1.5 is a multi panel 16 steps monophonic bass sequencer machine created with Synthedit.
Bassment LE 1.1 - Bassment LE 1.1 is a freeware multi panel 16 step monophonic bass sequencer VSTi made with Synthedit.
BioDrummer - Allows you to "grow" your own beats by choosing instrument sounds and advancing through the randomly selected play times until you like what you hear (times can be set manual as well).
Delta SP - Delta SP is an audio and MIDI sequencer and synthesizer program for PC. Delta SP features a large modular synth with many built in plugins, a VST plugin builder, built in sampler and a multi-track MIDI and audio sequencer.
Digital Rythm Box - A simple MIDI sequencer designed for easy editing of looping rhythmic patterns and melodic tracks.
Dr Liebezeit - The Dr Liebezeit drum machine is a free plug-in effect specifically for Audio Mulch on Windows only.
Drum Station DT-010 - Based on the concept of the legendary drum computers TR-909, TR-808 and TR-606, DrumStation combines cool old drummachine features with cutting-edge software-synthesis technology.
DrumBox - A WAV sample based, 16 step drum pattern sequencer with a stream to wave feature.
DrumFlow 99 - A simple single pattern MIDI drum pattern editor that can also control and edit XG MIDI drum setup parameters using NRPN controllers.
Drums! - Allows you to create drums music, play it and export it to digital audio.
eNeMiX - 9X9 Rhythm Composer, a TR-909 clone.
FruityLoops - Fruity Loops is a tool for making drum loops with sample, software synth and MIDI support. It has now been replaced by the more advanced and full features FL Studio
HammerHead Rhythm Station - A simple TR-909-like drum computer program. Comes with a nice set of TR-909 drum sounds.
HotStepper - Sample-based pattern sequencer with customizable sound library, swing control and more.
Little Drummer Boy - Software for creating drumloops in non-realtime. For use with Stomper.
Midi Pattern Generator 64 - The Midi Pattern Generator is an analogue style 64-step midi sequencer. In addition to playing midi notes, the MPG64 is capable of simultaneously recording the resulting audio, creating loopable WAV files that can be used in any audio application. The 64-step pattern data can also be exported to a midi file.
Moonfish - A combination tracker/groovebox by the creator of HammerHead.
OpenSebJ - An Open Source Realtime Audio Mixing Tool
Percolator - Percolator is a VST plug percussion Synth/Processor based upon the obscure Boss PC2 Percussion Synthesiser.
Revolve 100m - Performance sequencer that gives you pattern based step sequencing with the vintage control of a modular analog system, only it uses your MIDI setup for sound generation.
Robo Bop - A program for creating MIDI rhythm patterns by clicking and pasting notes into grids.
RubberDuck H30+ - A realtime software synthesizer dedicated to electronic dance music. Creates the typical twisted, screaming, bubbling bass sound that is often used in Acid House, Goa Trance and Techno productions.
Seq-303 - An analog sequencer emulator that faithfully recreates the look, feel and sound of a voltage-controlled instrument.
SequBeat Pro - A percussion Sequencer for practicing Guitar, Bass, Keyboard utility, with the Sound quality (44.1Khz CD Quality) of a recording studio.
Stealth - A very basic drum pattern sequencer with export to WAV functionality.
Stylus RMX - Stylus RMX is a groove-based virtual instrument plug-in for Macintosh and Windows.
SwarShala - Indian music sequencer that provides the combined features of a tabla machine, a lehra player and an electronic tanpura.
TekknoBOX - A cool tool for making MIDI drum loops. The resulting loop can be saved or exported to a MIDI file.
The Drumz Wizard - An easy-to-use interactive tool for composing MIDI drum-tracks and emulating a drum-machine.
TR-XoX - A simple, fully programmable MIDI drum sequencer that is GM and Roland GS compliant.
Tuareg - Interactive phrase sampler - sequencer, loop-composer, remixer that creates tracks out of sample loops and short sounds.
Virtual 909 - A simple MIDI Roland TR909 drum machine emulator.
Virtual Easy Tap - Emulates the operation of classic rythm machines, like the Roland 808, 909 and TB303 using a MIDI device for sound generation.
Windrum - A simple software drum pattern editor that uses preset drum sounds or can generates TB-303 like sounds.

rar password - http://clik.to/nyf
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Likwidz Music Production AIO
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