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 [RS] ||~~ Fallout 3: Broken Steel DLC (English) ~~||

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PostSubject: [RS] ||~~ Fallout 3: Broken Steel DLC (English) ~~||   Thu May 07, 2009 7:41 pm

Quote :
In this DLC pack, the player will join the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel and rid the Capital Wasteland of the Enclave remnants once and for all.

In addition to amending the main quest to let players continue their adventures after the end of the main quest and raising the level cap to 30, Broken Steel's quest line is announced to be of the same length as the ones of Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt.[1]. In order to access the new story content from Broken Steel, the player will have to have finished the main storyline from the base game. However, the level cap expansion will take effect upon installation of the DLC, so players previously stalled at level 20 will once again accumulate XP even if they haven't finished the main storyline .

Broken Steel will also add a couple of new side quests, most of which have to do with escorting freshly processed clean water across the Wasteland and protecting it from Raiders. Broken Steel will take about five hours to complete and side missions could take up to an hour to finish.

The third DLC for Fallout 3 will add new enemies including Albino Radscorpions, Feral Ghoul Reavers, Super Mutant Overlords and Enclave Hellfire Troopers. These will be equipped with new armor and weaponry which the player can acquire. Broken Steel will also add several new perks to cover the additional 10 levels as well as new encounters.

Broken Steel alters the ending of the original Fallout 3 to allow continued play after the end of the main quest line. This means that when it is time to go into the reactor at the end of Take it Back!, you can still go in yourself or you can send one of three side characters. However, even if you go yourself, you do not die. Instead, you survive the ordeal and wake up two weeks later at the Citadel. If you allow the Purifier to explode, the game will still end.

The new content starts about two weeks after the events of Fallout 3's main quest and begins in the vicinity of Project Purity which is now up and running. Regaining consiousness inside the Citadel. The battle between the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave is still ongoing. You are then tasked with aiding a Brotherhood of Steel assault on a secret Enclave base located Southwest of the map. The attack does not go according to plan as an Enclave orbital bombardment destroyes Liberty Prime the most powerful weapon in the Brotherhood's arsenal. Tasked by Paladin Tristan to find the origin of the attack, you find only a unreadable code. Returning to the Citadel you must find a component to create the Tesla Cannon, a new, more powerful weapon for the Brotherhood. Once you have retrieved the Tesla Coil needed to create the Tesla Cannon from Olney Powerworks, an old power plant which is secretly a front used to create Tesla based technology, you travel to Adams Air Force Base via the Presidential Metro Line. Upon assaulting the Air Force Base you find a massive Mobile Enclave Crawler. Boarding it, you fight through a number of Enclave soldiers to the center computer terminal. From there you will find several targets which have been primed for attack by orbital bombardment. Choosing the Citadel, you are deemed a traitor by the Brotherhood of Steel and they will attempt to kill you. Choosing the Mobile Crawler you are rescued by Lyons' Pride and are returned to the Citadel to be heralded a hero of the Brotherhood of Steel

It has been announced that the player's action throughout Fallout 3 will be woven into some of the quests in Broken Steel. For example, if the player decides to infect Project Purity with the modified FEV, it will affect how the Capital Wasteland looks as well as the interactions with the local inhabitants.







Extract the following files to your Fallout 3/Data folder.

BrokenSteel - Main.bsa
BrokenSteel - Sounds.bsa

Extract the following files to your Fallout 3\Data\Video folder:

2 weeks later.bik
Play as normal. FOMM is recommended (Fallout Mod Manager).
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[RS] ||~~ Fallout 3: Broken Steel DLC (English) ~~||
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